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Passed the CYSA+

Passed the CYSA+. My preparations and thoughts on the exam.

Anthony Isherwood

4 minute read

I used the CySA+ Cert Guide by Troy McMillan. This book gives a pretty good overview of all the material you’ll be quizzed on. I’d definitely recommend starting off your studying by giving the book a read through. I didn’t get any of the other books so I can’t directly compare, but this one in particular covers all the theory needed.

CYSA+: Getting Started

Preparing for the CYSA+ certification.

Anthony Isherwood

3 minute read

The Cybersecurity Analyst+ content is centered around, you guessed it, knowledge used for cyber security analysts. This certification covers a wide variety of topics such as incident response, the forensic process, business continuity, tool usage, vulnerability management, and compliance. This content and exam is considered intermediate, which Comptia considers a step above entry level. Given that I’ve been an analyst on some level for several years now, I figured I’d give it a shot!

AlienVault OSSIM: Installation and Configuration

Learn how to create a working SIEM in a home lab environment using completely free software.

Anthony Isherwood

1 minute read

Welcome to my course on AlienVault’s Open Source Security Incident and Event Management system! During this course, you’ll learn how to install and configure an OSSIM lab from start to finish. OSSIM provides a pretty impressive feature set for a free product: